Mantella haraldmeieri
(Photo By Arne Hartig)

Description: Mantella haraldmeieri is a medium-sized cryptically-colored mantella, reaching a maximum size of 27 mm (1.1 inches). Their dorsum can vary from dark to light brown depending on the individual, sometimes with faint arrow-shaped markings pointing towards the head. Light green blotches are present at the insertion of the forelimbs. The hind limbs are an attractive copper or orange color.

Red List Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Distribution and Habitat: M. haraldmeieri is a streamside species, found in forest alongside flowing water, similar to M. baroni or M. nigricans. It is native to the Anosy Mountains in extreme southeast Madagascar.

Captive Care Notes: Not often encountered in captivity, M. haraldmeieri offers hobbyists a new challenge to pursue. The few captive frogs I’ve observed have been bold, refusing to hop away and hide even when multiple people approached the terrarium, although others have called them shy. M. haraldmeieri has been bred in captivity, but not with any regularity, and captive-bred frogs are hardly ever offered for sale. Wild-caught frogs have not been imported to North America for several years, and they have never been imported with any frequency, so currently they are quite rare in captive collections. It has been reported that M. haraldmeieri can sometimes be problematic to feed in captivity, refusing commonly available feeder insects.


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